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The Magnificent Legacy of

HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l 

Bring A Gadol to Your Community!

Atlanta Premiere Highlights

Atlanta Display
Rabbi ilan Feldman
Atlanta Premiere Crowd
Alan Solon
Rabbi Lipschutz and Alan Solon
Meet and Greet
Elan Sloan
Dessert Reception
Dessert Reception
Dessert Reception
Dessert Reception
Dessert Reception

What people are saying...

" A most inspiring memorial to a most brilliant soul... Thank you for this magnificent gift and the opportunity to experience a glimpse into the life of this soul who radiated pure light."

                                                                            -W.S., Atlanta, GA

"Excellent. It touched my neshamah!"                                                                                                                         - C. S., Atlanta, GA

"From watching the video, I began to feel an appreciation for my rebbeim from Yeshiva. After the film, I called my rebbe to get in touch"               

                            -Y. G., Atlanta, GA

Inspire YOUR Community With A Meaningful Event

Create a meaningful event in your city to honor this unique gadol and share Rav Weinberg zt"l's powerful legacy and teachings with the next generation!

Be in touch for pricing, info, and to organize an exclusive

film premiere for your community.

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