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The Magnificent Legacy of

HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l 

Bring A Gadol to Your Community!

World Premiere Rav Weinberg for wix 3 13

Inspire YOUR Community With A Meaningful Event

Be in touch for details to organize an exclusive premiere for your community.

Recent Showings

Atlanta, GA

atlanta premiere crowd pic.jpg

"Excellent. It touched my neshamah!"                                                                                                                         - C. S., Atlanta, GA

" A most inspiring memorial to a most brilliant soul... Thank you for this magnificent gift and the opportunity to experience a glimpse into the life of this soul who radiated pure light."

                                                                            -W.S., Atlanta, GA

Baltimore, MD


“I never knew Rav Weinberg but this beautiful film broke open my heart. I cried the whole way through! Thank you so much.”

                          - G. F., Baltimore, MD 

“Powerful, compelling, and touching. Inspires a re-examination of priorities”

                                         - R.M., Baltimore, MD

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