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Listen to free audio shiurim samples from Rav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l

Two inspiring Tisha B'Av talks - inspiration good all year round!

These shiurim have been edited/shortened in length.

Tisha Bav Aish HaTorah editedRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l
00:00 / 13:26

With permission from Aish HaTorah Jerusalem. Visit for a full list of uplifting classes!

Tisha Bav Ner Yisroel editedRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l
00:00 / 20:47

With permission from the Ner Israel Audio Library. Call (443)548-6011 or email for other mp3s.


Torah nuggets harvested from Rav Weinberg’s thought-provoking classes 

that uniquely reveal essential foundations of Torah and Jewish thought.


Want to appreciate the Yom Tovim? Have basic or even complex questions? Print and read one of these beautiful essays as Rav Weinberg masterfully uncovers the depth and inner meaning of the Yomim Tovim and a variety of topics.



Read or print Divrei Torah on the Parsha.

This series was written by Rabbi Boruch Leff, a close talmid, 

and inspired by the teachings of Rav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l.


You can help make more Torah available!

About Rabbi Weinberg zt"l

HaRav Yaakov Weinberg, zt”l, was the Rosh  HaYeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Yisrael in Baltimore, Maryland from 1987 until his petira in 1999. For many decades he was a force for Torah in the Jewish world. He was the ultimate Rebbi, transforming the hearts and minds of thousands of talmidim with his unfaltering adherence to the truth of Torah and the words of Chazal. With his incisive analysis and penetrating insight, he developed generations of outstanding leaders. They follow his example in their understanding of Torah and in their responsibility for its transmission. His talmidim have been instrumental in creating communal organizations including shuls, schools and kiruv centers. Rav Weinberg was a sought-after advisor, involved in hundreds of private and public issues within the Jewish community. He often conducted the question and answer sessions at Torah Umesorah conventions where many benefited from his counsel. Rav Weinberg was married to Rebbetzin Shaina Chana Ruderman, the daughter of Rav Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman, zt”l, the founder of Ner Yisroel. He was the older brother and mentor of Rav Noach Weinberg, zt”l, the founder of Aish HaTorah.

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