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The Magnificent Legacy of

HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l 

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Bring A Gadol Into Your Home!


Pillar of Truth

Rav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l was committed to Torah, truth, caring for others, and more. His warmth and unique approach, made Torah accessible to thousands from all walks of life. 


Rav Noach Weinberg zt"l, brother & founder of Aish HaTorah, viewed him as his rebbe and the rebbe of Klal Yisroel. Connect with this great leader, share with your community, and discover why he was a... PILLAR OF TRUTH!

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DVD includes Nearly 5 Hours of Bonus Features:

Rare archival footage of Rav Weinberg zt"l speaking at Torah Umesorah, Aish HaTorah,

Agudath Israel, and more! Nearly 2 hours of additional personal stories!

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whose generous support made this project possible:

Film Dedication

Alan and Wendy Solon

The Solon Family (Atlanta, GA)

Diamond Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Katz for the Charles Crane Family Foundation

Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Dov Friedman

Gold Sponsors

Dennis and Debra Berman

The Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation

Silver Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Deutsch

Pearl Sponsors

AYS Tzedakah Foundation

Rabbi & Mrs. Yehudah Bukspan (L.A.) & Rabbi Avraham Bukspan (Miami Beach, FL)

Dachs Family לע"נ זאב ניסן בן אריה ליב

Mr. and Mrs. Dov Friedberg

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gibber

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Herzka

Rabbi and Mrs. Pesach Lerner

Mr. and Mrs. Gedalia Litke

Rabbi and Mrs. Dov Loketch

Mr. and Mrs. Yale Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Malkiel Nechamkin

Yitzie & Nancy Pretter, Baltimore

Boruch and Dena Rabinowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Spetner

Copper Sponsors

Anonymous לע''נ ר' משה בר' יצחק אריה  - Mr. and Mrs. Moishe Bane - Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Gerstein - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horowitz 

The Preil Family לע"נ הרב יהושע יוסף בן הרב אלזר מאיר  - Mr. and Mrs. David Singer

Bronze Sponsors

Rabbi and Mrs. David Barnett - Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Bleeman - Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Bloom - Rabbi and Mrs. Eliezer Breitowitz - Mr. David Clyman - Rabbi and Mrs. Nissim Davidi - Mr. and Mrs. Yakov Davidson - Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Deutsch - Dr. and Mrs. Donniell Fishkind - Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tzvi Friedman - Rabbi and Mrs. Marc Friedman - Rabbi and Mrs. Eliezer Gibber Mr. Moshe Goldberger - Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham Goldhar - Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Gottesman - Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Greenfield - Mr. and Mrs. Moise Hamoui - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heinrich - Rabbi and Mrs. Eliezer Hirsch - Mr. and Mrs. Gil Horwitz - Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Horwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Avrohom Hoschander - Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel Kagan - Rabbi and Mrs. Warren Kasztl

Dr. Stanley & Ruby Katz - Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Kellerman - Rabbi and Mrs. Avrum Kowalsky

David and Malke Kramer - Mrs. Shoshana Kruger - Mr. and Mrs. Benno Lebovits - Rabbi and Mrs. Netanel Louie - Mrs. Marilyn Mark - Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mentsch - Mr. and Mrs. Elie Mishaan In honor of my father Mordechai and my uncle Ephraim z”l - Mr. and Mrs. Marc Mishaan - Mr. Jose Muller  - Mr. & Mrs. Mendel Nockenofsky

Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Rechnitz - Drs. Vel and Miriam Reinfeld - Mr. and Mrs. Itche Rosenbaum - Rabbi and Mrs. Isar Rotenberg - Rabbi and Mrs. Levi Yitzchok Rothman - Rabbi and Mrs. Shaya Sackett - Mr. and Mrs. Eli Schlossberg - Rabbi and Mrs. Jonathan Seidmann  - Daniel and Miriam Shnidman - Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Schwartz - Rabbi and Mrs. David Silverman - Rabbi and Mrs. Zvi Solomon - Mr. and Mrs. Steve Storch

Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Tendler - Mr. and Mrs. Morty Tenenbaum - Rabbi and Mrs. Simcha Weinberg

Mr. Yosef Werbin - Mr. and Mrs. Nechemia Weinreb

Project Supporters

Rabbi and Mrs. Michoel Alterman Dr. and Mrs. Levi Antolov Rabbi Moshe Averick Mr. and Mrs. Yeshaya Berzon Mr. and Mrs. Elie Ciment Mr. and Mrs. Reuven Cohen Raphael and Deena Davidovich Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Leib Lipschutz Mr. and Mrs. David Feintuch Mr. Yehuda Friedman Mr. and Mrs. David Glass Rabbi and Mrs. Gidon Goldberg  Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Goldberger Mr. Moshe Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Rosalinda Gonzalez Rabbi and Mrs. Mattisyahu Gorlin Mr. and Mrs. Nossi Gross Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Gottdiener Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grunwald Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Hekmatjah Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchak Hochman Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jawary Mr. and Mrs. Chanan Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Lavian Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham Levychaim Mr. Lawrence Lipoff in honor of Avrohom Lipoff Mr. Murray Lowenthal Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Mayer Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Sholom Michael Mr. and Mrs. Eliyohu Neiman Mr. and Mrs. Eliana NessAiver Mr. and Mrs. Meir Neuberger Rabbi and Mrs. Yakov Palatnik Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Reischer Mrs. Chana Reiss Harry and Jean Robbins Dr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts Ms. Shoshana Rothenberg Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Sandhaus Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Sidell Rabbi and Mrs. Yoel Spotts Dr. and Mrs. Moshe Susman Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Tendler Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Tropp Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Shimshon Zitwer Mr. and Mrs. David Zryl Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Zwick

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