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The Magnificent Legacy of

HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l 

Bring A Gadol to Your Community!

Baltimore Premiere 

Highlights From Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Crowd Watching Film
Rabbi Frand Guest Speaker
Film Display
Rabbi Weisbord and Rabbi Goldberger
Yehuda Weisbord MC
Rabbi Frand, Rabbi & Yehuda Weisbord
Baltimore Premiere
Yehuda & Shmop Weisbord, Elan Sloan
Rabbi Frand and Rabbi Schwartz
Baltimore Premiere
Baltimore Premiere
Baltimore Premiere

What people are saying...

" A renewed appreciation of the gift of being a talmid of the Rosh HaYeshiva and inspired to live life as he taught us.”"

                                                      - Anonymous , Baltimore, MD

"There are no words except thank you for giving the gift of this film"               

                        -R G., Baltimore, MD

“Powerful, compelling, and touching. Inspires a re-examination of priorities”

                                         - R.M., Baltimore, MD

“I never knew Rav Weinberg but this beautiful film broke open my heart. I cried the whole way through! Thank you so much.”

                          - G. F., Baltimore, MD 

Inspire YOUR Community With A Meaningful Event

Create a meaningful event in your city to honor this unique gadol and share Rav Weinberg zt"l's powerful legacy and teachings with the next generation!

Be in touch for pricing, info, and to organize an 

exclusive film premiere for your community.

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